Ivan Rabuzin
Artists in the database

Bagni, Guja
Bagur, Rivera
Bahunek, Autun
Bahunek, Branko
Bahunek, Boris
Balet, Jan
Balsamo, Angela
Baracchi, Ninetto
Baragiola, Emilia
Barbagini, Franco
Barbato, Roberto
Barbier, Ivo
Barbosa, José
Barka, Nina
Barth, Andres
Bartuszová, Júlia
Baruffaldi, Carlo
Battaglini, Bruno
Battistini, William
Bauchant, Andrè
Baumann, Heidi
Bavieri, Remo
Bayerle, Ulrike
Beckles, Gillian
Benassi, Enrico
Benatti, Brenno
Benka, Martin
Bernardelli, Angiola
Bernardi, Dora
Bertazzoni, Bianca
Bertozzi, Gianni
Bianchi, Sergio Ballano
Bianchi, Valerio
Bien Aime, Alex
Bigaud, Wilson
Bihalji-Mérin , Oto * ( O.B.-M.)
Bini, Mauro
Bireš, Mihal
Biško, Jerko
Biškupić, Božo * ( B.B.)
Blain, Roland
Blaise, André
Blaise, Saint Louis
Blaise, Serge Moléon
Blanc, Jean Claude
Blau, Hanni
Blum, Eva
Bocak, Ana
Boerten, Ben
Bogemskaya , Ksenia * ( K.B. )
Boissier, Roger
Boissier, Roger
Bollar, Gorki
Bolognesi, Ferruccio
Bombois , Camille
Bonnin, Maurice
Boos, Erika
Borrás, Óscar
Borrás II, Juan
Bos, Dirk
Bosilj , Ilija
Bošković , Božidar
Bottex, Seymour Etienne
Bouquet, André
Bradley, Helen
Bragato, Gioacchino
Brašić, Janko
Brenner, Edith
Bresil, Henri Robert
Bricoli, Bruno (Colibri)
Brierre, Edgard
Brkljačić, Nikola
Broger, Verena
Brunberg, Håkan
Brunis, Mécène
Buccini, Lucia
Buktenica, Eugen
Burchard, Cuca
Busellato, Mario
Buteau, Gelin

The following list includes the names of all the painters and sculptors of which Fidan holds monographic material at present.
We are talking about authors, not artists : this must not surprise us, as this choice depends on a deliberate will not to enter the field of evaluation, of value-related judgement, a task which is left to history, or to whoever will demonstrate a higher theoretical competence.
Fidan's material is presented in polymorphic identities, including original information and copies, catalogues and monographies, books and biographies, magazines and articles, presentations, press releases, leaflets and invitations, but also photoes and videos, a mix of documents of a multi-coloured, versatile nature, characterized by a strong will to document, leave a precise trace in history, in the Zeitgeist of our time. The presence of researchers, critics and scholars who, over the years, have left a written trace of their interest towards Art Naif, giving an important contribution to the developements, even in diverging directions, and to the study, effective and ephemeral, but still important, of the naif phenomenon.

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