Francesco Galeotti

Balet, Jan
Bayerle, Ulrike
Blau, Hanni
Blum, Eva
Emhardt, Erna
Epple, Bruno
Garde, Silvia
Grams, Erich
Grimmeisen, Franz-Josef
Held, Margarethe
Hurm, Karl
Juschi, Seifried-Otte
Kloss, Maria
Margulies, Gerhard
Mark, Josef
Maurer, Heidrun
Mühlenhaupt, Willi
Odenthal, Eduard
Pohlers-Streich, Gerda
Raffler, Max
Reimbold-v.Teuffel, Regine
Schmit, Ilona
Seemann, Fritz
Seifert, Max
Söhl, Manfred
Stefula, Dorothea
Stefula, Gyorgy
Steib, Joseph
Steinkemper, Ingrid
Stern, Emma
Von Landsberg, Michel
Wittlich, Josef
Zimmer, Elke * ( E.Z. )
Zimmer , Werner * ( W.Z. )

As it often happened over the years, Fidan doesn't want to abandon the custom of not dividing and grouping together the naif phenomenon by nation. This for several reasons, which all imply a reflection upon the very nature of Art Naif, its popular components, its historical roots, its local social and cultural motivations, besides and beyond the individual element.

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