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Promotion for a new building for the Croatian Museum of Naive Art

Promotion of the project Proposal for a new building for the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art on Vranyczanyjeva poljana in Zagreb.

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 1 pm the Mimara Museum will host the promotion of the project Proposal for a new building for the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art on Vranyczanyjeva poljana. This is a private initiative of Vladimir Crnković, curator and director of the CMNA from 2003 to 2015, and architect Mario Pehnec, founder and director of the architectural practice Idea studio d.o.o.

Although the CMNA was at first not consulted about the project, or involved in it in any way financially, after a look at the finished preliminary design, the Museum decided to join in the public presentation. At issue is an endeavour to sensitise the wider community – and the art history discipline, as well museum and political circles – in an effort to solve the main problem of the Museum of Naïve Art – new premises.

The CMNA is the oldest museum of naïve art in the world, founded in 1952, and Croatian naïve art, along with the French classics of the first generation, is widely believed to be the most important segment of this kind of art in the world. Painters of the Hlebine School – Ivan Generalić and his successors – whose principal means of expression is painting on glass – are held to be the most successful and most technically accomplished practitioners of this medium anywhere in the world. And the Croatian Naïve is without doubt an established brand in the country’s modern art, while the CMNA is among the most visited museums of visual art in the state, held in high respect in world terms.

In the last fifteen years, the institution has considerably expanded its area of interest, and works of Croatian Outsider Art have also begun to be systematically collected; alongside the top artists and anthology pieces of national art, the CMNA has a representative and very worthwhile collection of artworks of foreign artists as well – among which there are numerous masterpieces, not only of the Naïve, but also of works from the Art Brut and Outsider Art trends.

Taking part in the presentation will be Mira Francetić Malčić director of the CMNA, architect Mario Pehnec and Vladimir Crnković.

Vladimir Crnković will discuss the history of the founding and housing of the Museum of Naïve Art, the current premises, which are highly unsuitable for the normal working of the institution, and everything that has been undertaken to address the problem. Architect Mario Pehnec will present the way in which his modernist and contemporary and multivalent architectural creation could be inserted into the old, historical city texture. With this design, through a solution for the housing of the CMNA in the protected historical whole, the public spaces of the Upper Town will be revitalised and enriched with new contents, vistas and connections.




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