Francesco Galeotti

Barth, Andres
Baumann, Heidi
Boissier, Roger
Broger, Verena
De Checchi, Giuseppe
Di Decarli, Januarius
Galerie Pro Arte Kasper, *
Giovanoli, Samuele
Grill, Marijan Ivan
Gubler-Meissner, Marianne
Jaquet, Alice
Jeanneret, Charles-Eduard (Le Corbusier)
Manser, Albert
Maria, Christen
Niederhauser, Elisbeth (Zabou)
Schuhmacher, Maggi
Schuldhess, Jörg
Staub, Anna
Strub, Margaret

As it often happened over the years, Fidan doesn't want to abandon the custom of not dividing and grouping together the naif phenomenon by nation. This for several reasons, which all imply a reflection upon the very nature of Art Naif, its popular components, its historical roots, its local social and cultural motivations, besides and beyond the individual element.

arte naif italia