Author: Hrvatski muzej naivne umjetnosti, * ( hmnu )

" NAIVNA UMJETNOST / NAÏVE ART " - Edited by Muzej suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb 1991 - Editor-in-chief Marijan Susovski - Editors Nada Vrkljan-Križić, Vlasta Gracin-Čuić, Branimir Donat - Documentation by Ksenija Pavlinić-Tomašegović, Vlasta Gracin-Čuić, Sandra Križić-Roban, Nada Vrkljan- Križić.

The monograph catalogue the Gallery of Primitive Art (which is in fact a museum of naive art) is planned not only up the entire holdings of the Gallery, which presently (referring to the year 1991) amounts more than 1000 items (paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, collectors editions of books and art albums), but also as an attempt to further define the phenomenon of naïve art.
A large chapter in the monograph is devoted to foreign artists whose works are among those in the holdins of museum (a total of 22 artists). This chapter is also supplemented by appropriate illustrations.
The monograph covers a total of 124 artists, 102 from Yugoslavia and 22 from other countries (Italy, Germany, France, Poland etc.), and every one of them will have at least one colour or black-and-white reproduction in the catalogue, major artists having illustrations of several of their works from the holdings of the museum.

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