Author: Cereser, Adriano* ( A.C. )

The magic land of Croatian naïve artists
Journey to genuine places, and nature, faith and legends:
or the miracle of the Croatian original painting.

I am not an art critic, nor would I have the titles for it, since I have only a scientific school degree taken time ago, in 1980. This book is not and does not want to be an academic essay on the Croatian naive art, because there are plenty of books of this kind and you can choose among dozens of them, some very authoritative, but only the result of a big personal passion and conceited conviction to fill a big gap in the virtual library on Croatian naive art or original Croatian art (as they prefer to call it today in Croatia), a book that mainly through an extensive photographic record of the places and works of some (and yes there is a personal and certainly questionable choice) of the best Croatian naive artists, can better explain the novice and not only, the environmental relation where the magical Croatian naïve artists were born. A spell that, from my point of view, becomes inner peace, even though for a few moments, when I admire the most sincere and true works of these Croatian farmers-artists-painters. A corner of lost and re-found paradise, necessary to survive this period, which is getting worse and worse. I really hope this book can arouse the same effect in those ones reading it with curiosity and participation.
Have a good journey!
Adriano Cereser

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