Ivan Rabuzin
Authors in the database

Haddelsey, Vincent
Hakkarainen, Anna-Liisa
Happonen, Pentti
Hara, Jacques
Harada, Taiji
Hardy, Donald Edward ( Don Ed Hardy )
Haspil, René
Hatzimihail, Theofilos (Theofilos)
Haukkavaara, Veikko
Haure, Michael
Hegedušić, Krsto * ( K.H. )
Hegedušic-Janković, Nada
Held, Margarethe
Henc, Katarina
Henri, Calixte
Hirsch, Fritz
Hirshfield, Morris
Höhs, Liselotte
Holzhander, Dora
Homonai, Pal
Horackova, Marie
Horvat, Milan
Horvat, Mirko
Hostier, Jean-Pierre
Hruška, Jan
Hrvatski muzej naivne umjetnosti, * ( hmnu )
Hurm, Karl
Husarik, Jan
Husarikova, Eva
Huzjak, Zlatko
Hyppolite, Hector

The following list includes the names of all the painters and sculptors of which Fidan holds monographic material at present.
We are talking about authors, not artists : this must not surprise us, as this choice depends on a deliberate will not to enter the field of evaluation, of value-related judgement, a task which is left to history, or to whoever will demonstrate a higher theoretical competence.
Fidan's material is presented in polymorphic identities, including original information and copies, catalogues and monographies, books and biographies, magazines and articles, presentations, press releases, leaflets and invitations, but also photoes and videos, a mix of documents of a multi-coloured, versatile nature, characterized by a strong will to document, leave a precise trace in history, in the Zeitgeist of our time. The presence of researchers, critics and scholars who, over the years, have left a written trace of their interest towards Art Naif, giving an important contribution to the developements, even in diverging directions, and to the study, effective and ephemeral, but still important, of the naif phenomenon.

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